is a versatile project management platform that offers different types of boards to cater to various collaboration and privacy needs. Understanding the distinctions between main, shared, and private boards is essential to harness its full potential. Let’s dive into the differences.

Main Boards:

  • Main boards are the central hub for your projects, and they are typically where your team’s primary work takes place.
  • These boards are visible to all members of your workspace, making them ideal for managing and tracking team-wide projects and tasks.
  • Main boards are perfect for company-wide initiatives, shared resources, and tasks that require cross-departmental collaboration.

Shared Boards:

  • Shared boards are designed for collaboration with specific team members or external partners.
  • You can select who has access to shared boards, making them suitable for projects that involve a select group of individuals.
  • Shared boards provide privacy within your workspace while allowing controlled access to outsiders.

Private Boards:

  • Private boards are the most restricted in terms of visibility. They are only accessible to the board’s creator and those they explicitly invite.
  • These boards are excellent for personal tasks, confidential projects, or any information that should remain entirely private.
  • Private boards ensure sensitive data remains secure within your workspace.

Choose your board type on according to your collaboration and task management needs. Main boards are for company-wide projects, shared boards facilitate select team collaboration, and private boards ensure exclusivity.