While monday.com is a versatile project management and collaboration platform, users may sometimes overlook certain details or features that can enhance their experience and productivity. Here are some common details that users may forget to do or settings they might overlook on monday.com:

  1. Set Up Automations: monday.com offers automation features to streamline repetitive tasks. Users may forget to set up automations, such as task assignments, status changes, or due date notifications.
  2. Utilize Dependencies: Task dependencies help ensure that tasks are completed in the correct order. Users may forget to establish dependencies, leading to inefficient project management.
  3. Customize Views: Users can create custom board views, including Kanban, timeline, and calendar views. Forgetting to tailor views to match the specific project’s needs can hinder visibility and task tracking.
  4. Add Detailed Descriptions: Providing thorough task descriptions and context is crucial for effective communication and clarity. Users may omit or provide insufficient details in task descriptions.
  5. Use Tags and Labels: Tags and labels can categorize tasks and make them easier to search and filter. Users may neglect to apply these labels, making it harder to find relevant tasks.
  6. Set Up Integrations: Monday.com integrates with various apps and services. Users might forget to set up integrations, missing opportunities to streamline workflows and data sharing.
  7. Prioritize and Set Deadlines: Assigning priorities and due dates ensures that tasks are completed in order of importance. Users may neglect to assign priorities or due dates, leading to delays and confusion.
  8. Create Templates: Creating project templates can save time on recurring projects. Users may forget to create templates and have to recreate project structures from scratch.
  9. Use the Activity Log: The Activity Log tracks changes and updates, providing a history of task actions. Users may not review this log to track changes or audit activity.
  10. Customize Notifications: Monday.com allows users to customize notification settings. Users may forget to tailor notifications to their preferences, leading to unnecessary email or app notifications.
  11. Share Boards Publicly: If a board should be accessible to external stakeholders or clients, users may forget to adjust board sharing settings and provide the necessary permissions.
  12. Sync with Calendar Apps: monday.com can sync with calendar applications like Google Calendar. Users may overlook this integration, missing the benefit of having tasks and deadlines in their calendars.
  13. Archive or Delete Old Items: As boards become cluttered, users may forget to archive or delete completed or obsolete tasks and projects, leading to information overload.
  14. Collaborate on Documents: Users can collaborate on documents directly within monday.com. They may forget to utilize this feature, leading to fragmented communication and document management.
  15. Back Up Data: Regularly exporting or backing up your data is important for data security and continuity. Users may forget to create backups, risking data loss in case of unexpected issues.

To maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of monday.com, users should explore its features thoroughly, regularly review their workflows, and consider best practices to ensure they are making the most of the platform.